March 10, 2018 

Last night was crazy! There were cats, 1am, howling outside my window! I did not even know they could howl!

No matter how loud they were I surprisingly fell asleep and was able to wake up at 6:45am. I prepped my clothes last night – blue pants, blue V-neck sweater, brown belt and black boots with brown soles – that way all I had to do was jump into them. Went to the bathroom to brush my teeth and do my hair. A few minutes later I was out the door.

Recently I decided to fully get in gauged with taking my Series 6 exam, “the Investment Company and Variable Contracts Products Representative Qualification Examination (IR).” Basically, it is a state exam that will allow me to provide clients with the right savings vehicle using mutual funds and variable annuities.

The class was taught in the office I work out of which made everything very convenient. Perfect! No extra trip, no need to get lost and I was very comfortable with the environment. It is a two-day class consisting of information that fried my brain for eight hours. The class lasted from 8am – 5pm with ten minute breaks in between each hour. We were also given an hour lunch in which a friend and I ate Wendy’s.

After class, getting ready to head out, I was asked to take a colleague home. My mentor had driven him but did not stay because of our lengthy schedule. By the time we had finished todays class my mentor had been sitting with a client. Obviously, it would be unprofessional to leave so I helped out.

I got home around 5:30pm. 

My sister did me a huge favor! Also taught me a lesson. Apparently, I was supposed to take medicine when I got my wisdom teeth pulled to prevent infections. I have not in 2 days. The prescription sat in my car the entire time. She was nice enough to pick it up from the pharmacy so I could start treatment when I got home. I figured I would get it when I had the chance, not knowing I should have been taking it the day of removal. Oh well!

I watched “The Lion King with my nephew as he drank his bottle. This has to be one of the best movies Disney has ever made. It brought back so many great memories and felt good to know that one day I will be sharing them with him. On the topic of cats, my alley friends from last night are back. Howling once again and I have no idea why. I tried to find out if they needed help but they ran off as I tried to “tisk tisk” my way over. Anyway, I hope they figure it out.

Good night!


(photo found on Google images)

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