Tough One…

March 9, 2018 

Funday with the nephew turned out to be stressful. 

I woke up like normal. 7:30am. Grabbed my Bluetooth, fixed up the bed for my nephew, and washed up. I’m missing two teeth now so according to the dentist I can’t brush today. Simple instruction, salt water and gargle.  

Nephew shows up and is lively as always. We play for a bit with his stuffed elephant Peanut until he gets hungry. I get his bottle and give it to him to eat. As always, he falls asleep when he finishes and I leave him to make myself coffee and grab my laptop. I sit in front of the computer for about an hour and a half to catch up on the world. I check my WordPress account, read a few articles and open up a fresh Word document to type things out. 

Unfortunately, today was like every other day. At 12pm I made a mistake. I am very cautious with my nephew because he is developing fast so I check on him A LOT. This time I didn’t check on him enough. I guess he woke up super happy because he made his way, remember he cannot crawl or walk, from the middle of a queen sized bed with pillows and blankets surrounding him…off the bed. I never thought this would happen but it did. I immediately called my sister but no answer. Thanks to mom my sister called me back within minutes.  

My sister is in the medical field so using FaceTime we were able to examine him. No concussion (stayed awake for 6hrs), no broken bones (checked every inch including fingers and toes) and no bumps on his head (checked every 30 minutes for swelling). Thankfully, he was perfectly fine. About 30 minutes later he had a six ounce bottle, used the bathroom normally and played like always. I on the other hand post-panicked and cried. I think it hurt me more than him. I let him down but his smile was reassuring.  

A little after 6pm, my sister got home and gave the baby a full exam herself. It is crazy how things can happen in a matter of minutes. I will not be making that mistake again. 

The rest of the day the simple. I was discouraged to do anything else but monitor him. For a late lunch I had two bowls of orange flavored mashed potatoes that needed some tweaking. I wanted to try something different, wisdom teeth problems, so I decided to add orange juice to the recipe. I might just Google it next time and see if I can find something better.   

For dinner my girlfriend bought me a slice of pizza which turned out to be a bad idea, again wisdom teeth problems. So, I ended up eating corn beef, not hash, with white rice and sweet plantains. The food was so soft that I basically swallowed it. Wisdom teeth victory! 

I ended up crying again, this time in my lady’s arms and ended the night laid out in bed watching the Netflix series “Seven Seconds.  


I learned a lot about having a child today. It was not how I wanted to learn and wish I had not. Either way he will not be in bed alone anymore no matter how big the pillow walls are. I might even glue him to my hip. 

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