Tuning In!

March 6, 2018

 7:45 in morning. I wake up, grab my Bluetooth, tune into a conference call, and head to the bathroom. While I brush my teeth, I listen to the wise words of my colleagues and mentors. Today I have the pleasure of staying home with my nephew so I prepare the bed for his arrival.

As he was falling asleep I planned my day out. I need to clean my bedroom, wash laundry, and do little various things. Once he shuts his eyes I began to get busy. I start with the laundry. I separate my darks from lights, work clothes from delicates, and then head down to the basement to begin washing.

My nephew wakes up around 11:30 as cute as ever. He does not make a sound, just lays there waiting for me to check on him and realize that he is up. He is such an easy baby to care for! We play around for an hour and catch up on our days. (I cannot wait for him to talk back.) Then he gets hungry and cuts the conversation short.

I surround him with a pillow fortress and head to kitchen to prepare our lunch. I make him a bottle of Grade A formula and set a pot of water to boil for myself. I flick on the TV to our, I mean his, favorite show The Paw Patrol. I have to say, I completely understand why he likes it. Whoever the creator is did an outstanding job providing children with important values as they grow up. Values like the importance of friendship, how to treat others, being respectful, etc.

While he eats I walk back to the kitchen and use the boiled water for pasta. Since I have to wait I take advantage and do a little brainstorming on introducing new topics or segments to the blog. Checking back and forth, between the baby and boiling water, I studied WordPress and other online blogs. I took some notes and then a break. The pasta is soft and ready for the main ingredients. I add meatballs sautéed in tomato sauce with chili powder, black pepper, and garlic. It came out great but could have used a lot more chili powder.

I serve my plate with excitement, getting ready to have lunch with my nephew but behold he fell asleep. It took me about five minutes to put my plate together and I know he was awake before I started. I guess that bottle hit the spot because he did not think twice about leaving me to eat alone. I ended up watching TV and sitting back in front of the computer to continue brainstorming.

My girlfriend got out of work early today. By 4:30pm she was walking out the door and on her way to the car. Being the most loving person ever she stopped by the only salad bar I eat at, Sprout, to get us dinner. The salad of our choice is called Sedona. It is mixed of kale, purple cabbage, avocado, scallions, tortilla chips, and Cotija cheese. Then chopped and tossed with their house-made Cabo vinaigrette dressing and topped with braised Southwestern chicken. It is truly delicious!

While we ate we finished watching the movie from the other day, Cool Runnings. For some reason it does not have the best ratings but I believe it is a powerful movie that spoke to my heart.

  • Never let anyone put you down.
  • Never let anyone tell you that you won’t succeed.
  • Keep your head help high and fight to finish!

  “Feel the Rhythm! Feel the Rhyme! Get on up, it’s bobsled time! Cool Runnings!”


(photo found on Google images)



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