Successful Monday!

March 5, 2018 

I tried to get up early today. I opened my eyes around 7:30am but then closed them until 8. I am glad that my internal alarm went off. I set the wrong alarm on last night. I have two preset times for each thing throughout the week. Two alarms for office conference calls, work, and trainings. I definitely did not turn on the work alarm! 

I left my house a little after 9:15. Headed to Teixeira’s Bakery and waited in line to order. I was there for a dozen of custard cups, a dozen hoagie rolls, a strawberry croissant, and two cappuccinos. Typically my Monday order except for the croissant and cappuccinos. I was in the mood for a good cap and was thoughtful enough to get one for a friend. This bakery serves one of the best cappuccinos I have ever had and was hoked since day one. 

I got in to Jersey City at 10:40. Traffic was light today so it was a smooth drive. I also started to listen to an audiobook from John C. Maxwell called Failing Forward. It is a fantastic book. (I might actually pick up a hard cover copy just to add to my collection.) While I was parking I got in to a small disagreement. Communication was not clear on either end but it was dissolved very well and I was happy about that. The day continued! 

Work was done early today. I was home by 3:45pm. I could have been home sooner but traffic was a nightmare. Parents are trying to get to their children, workers are trying to get to their night jobs, and then the lucky few like me trying to get home. The good thing about being in traffic was being able to listen to more of the audiobook. 

I was so tired after working that I could have passed out and woken up the next morning. “Tonight I go into the office, I must fight the sleep.” I thought to myself.  It was rough. Especially after having a warm hot shower running on my body. It left me a state of Zen that I did not want to leave.  

After I showered up, I had a small plate of food to energize myself. Then on the road to the office.  

Got back home around 9:45pm. I was not the last one out the office today but close to it. It was such a cold night. The heat in my car could not even warm up fast enough. It took a few minutes of driving before I started to thaw out. Now that I am home it feels really good to change into a pair of cozy pajamas. Fleece pants and a sweatshirt to be exact.  

To end my night, I had White Castle for dinner. I ate a chicken sandwich (no cheese), chicken rings, and a side of fries. I loaded up Twitch on the iPad and sat in front of my TV with the PS4 controller in my hand.  

See you in the morning! 

(photos found on Google images)

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