Sunday – kinda – Funday!?

March 4, 2018

I completely forgot I had to work today. Well not entirely, but for some reason it just did not register in my mind. I woke up at 10:15am relaxed, moving slow, and enjoying my morning. Until I got onto Facebook. If I did not receive a notification then I would have kept my slow pace and never left home. The good thing is I live 15 minutes away from where I needed to be. I literally live in the neighboring town. So, in 20 minutes I brushed my teeth, put some clothes on and rushed out the door. I did not do my hair, eat breakfast or even have a sip of coffee. Rush mode!

When I arrived, everyone was already setting up. I jumped right into it. Unpacked some stuff, cleaned up a bit, and started prepping. Today was a late celebration for the Chinese Lunar New Year. There was plenty of food, lots of people and an amazing performance. The crowd was nonstop for five hours. Complete enjoyment. After a while, I was finally able to eat. I had a delicious meal. Spicy pork over lettuce with a side of rice and cold green tea to wash it down. It was a great turn out!

The event lasted till 6pm and I was home by 7. I showered up and relaxed in front of the computer for a bit. My girlfriend was coming over so I figured we should go out and grab a quick bite. It is still winter where I am at so we decided Panera Bread was perfect for dinner.

We came back home and laid out in front of the TV. I put on a great throw back from 1993, Cool Runnings. Since the Winter Olympics are still airing I thought it was appropriate to watch. We only saw half of the movie because it ended up getting late and we had to part our separate ways. We will finish it soon but good night for now!

Winter Olympics

Photo by Julian Finney—Getty Images


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