What a Saturday! (It was long)

March 3, 2018 

My 6:45am alarm goes off but I am already anticipating it. I picked out my outfit last night for this morning so no time was wasted when I woke up. I even ironed and lint rolled. I leave my house at 7:15. Perfect. Now I have time to stop for some coffee and a muffin.  

Training was great today. Our company put out a live broadcast so we all gathered in the seminar room to watch. Unfortunately, we had a small issue with the classic fiberboard tiles the drop down ceiling is paired with. A couple of the boards were warped, dripping and ready to collapse. It snowed the night before so apparently the roof needs some repairs. To help out, I was volunteered to climb on a ladder and pull them down before they fell on someone. I became hero! 

I had three important places to go to today; the mall, Staples, Home Depot.  

My first stop, the mall. I wear a lot of dress and collar shirts with slacks. Somehow, I do not know when, where or how, I lost my only black button up. I remember wearing it a few months back but after that no clue. I looked everywhere for it. Thinking long and hard, I must have left it at the hotel I stayed in but I am usually extra good at checking everything before I leave. To play it safe I pick up TWO shirts from H&M. As I leave I had to grab a pepperoni pretzel from Auntie Anne’s. Next stop, Staples! 

Stapels should have been an easy stop. I knew exactly what I wanted only I left with extra stuff. All I needed was a little 8×5 inch notebook. Before I even got to the notebooks, I ending up finding a keyboard that I had to have. It was perfect for me. I have two desktops, both build by me, with one keyboard. It is a process when you have to unplug it from one, switch it to the other and then back. Well, this new keyboard is amazing! It has pairing capabilities of up to three devices. No need for the hassle of switching around anymore, now it is just a simple button push. Boop. I found the notebook I needed and on my way to the register remembered I had to get my mother a new Bluetooth. 3 items bought! 

I never made it to Home Depot. Instead I went straight home out of excitement to get the new keyboard going. I got home roughly around 1:30pm and spent the next hour trying to get my set up working. I do not even know how I did it. I think I got luck so I hope I never have to do it again. 

From 4:30pm to 10 I was in Jersey City with my best friend, his girlfriend and her friends. We went to the Barcade, a bar with classic video games. They have Galaga, Pacman, Donkey Kong and many others. Besides the awesome game collection, they specialize in American craft beer. My choice for the night was Sweetwater IPA. After a drink or two we left for dinner. We originally were going for the Italian Neapolitan style pizza place called Porta but that required an hour and 45 minute wait. So, we did the next best thing and went to the pizzeria next door instead. It worked out. To end the night, I headed over to Starbucks and tried out their new Hazelnut Mocha Coconutmilk Macchiato. Delish! 


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