Not so active today.

March 2, 2018 

Up at 7:30am and ready to get started.  

I am off of work today so I am going to spend it with my little buddy again. Why not help my sister save some pennies by babysitting? Honestly I look forward to these days. My nephew and I have built such a great relationship that life would not be the same if I did not see him often. Sometimes I forget he is not my child and am reminded when my sister comes to get him. (Haha) Since it is early he drinks his bottle and falls right to sleep. 

While he slept I worked hard on my site. The previous layout did not last very long. After viewing and liking a bunch of sites, I realized how not creative mine was. So, I went over to the themes, switched on that free section and started from the top. After about two hours I finally picked one, customized it, and published it. I have say, WordPress customization is a simple blessing. It is so easy to get a page looking good and ready for publication. Each theme has its own unique style and set up. If you are patient enough to go through them one or two might really get your creative juices flowing. Mine did! 

My nephew’s inner food timer is surprisingly always punctual. He wakes up around 11am ready to eat. I push I back a bit to noon since he just woke up. He typically does not eat right away. He might take sips of his formula here and there but usually wastes it if given to him as soon as he cries for it. So, I heated up leftovers from last night’s amazing meal and we ate together. After lunch I washed a few clothes and set myself up to prepare for my Series 6 state test. Usually my nephew naps after his bottle but today was different.  

This little guy put me through the ringer. It is partly my fault. After his bottle he never went to sleep. He was also very needy. Now that does not bother me. I actually like to spoil him by showing him massive attention. I also love to play with him and get his motor skills going but I think over did. I had him overly active to the point where his nap was irrelevant. For 6 hours straight, he was wide awake. I could tell he was tired but he fought it. When he finally fell asleep my mother arrived, around 5-ish, and she took over. I needed a nap! 



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