Day 2 waking up early!

February 27, 2018

Up again! 7am. I cannot believe I did it two days in a row. It feels good! Interestingly, I did not wake up tired or cranky but energized and ready to get moving. I guess the feeling of trying to accomplish a goal, writing my entries and working on the Twitch channel, has made me more restless. I honestly rarely feel this way. Usually, I cannot sleep when I am invested in some form of research. For example, learning all I can about a certain topic that my mind latched on to until I cannot focus on it anymore. It has been very different these past few days. I am at a point where it’s not obsession but something worth enjoying. I feel good!

Anyway, my morning starts off painful again. Wisdom teeth on full throttle. Barely able to open my mouth. The good thing is that I have two hours to let the swelling go down before heading off to work. I brush my teeth the best way possible and gargle with some salt water. After a while I try for some breakfast. The easiest thing to eat is the green tea sponge cake from yesterday with water. Again, something in my stomach is better than nothing. I have two slices and head off to work.

Parked my car at 10:30am. Worked a five hour shift. A little after 3pm, received a phone call to pick up my nephew.

I am part of a family of four or 5 now; mother, father, sister, nephew, me. When my sister had her baby we swore to provide as much support as we could. Today was my mother’s day to pick him up but work needed her skills and the sitter had an appointment to get to. Only option was for me to race over to moms job, grab the car seat and race over the sitter. Man was I against the clock! I had less than an hour to make an hour trip. Thankfully, I have Google Maps and my knowledge of the area. I made it exactly at 4!

For the rest of the night I kept it simple. I made some mashed potatoes, since its soft and I do not have to chew, with a side of nothing. I am definitely missing the wonderful feeling of chewing on some chicken or steak. I serve myself and sit down with my love, sister and nephew while I ate dinner. Then head to my room, throw some Netflix on and watch Twitch on my iPad.

Peaceful ending.

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