7am, Monday morning. Three jobs to do. Time to get motivated!

February 26, 2018 

Typically, I wake up about an hour before I have to leave my house but last night I decided to push that up to two hours so that I have extra time to be productive. Unfortunately, I woke up with a serious pain today. My bottom wisdom teeth, both sides, after 2 years of being dormant decide they want to be active. They are like a volcano rumbling, slowly preparing themselves to erupt. I actually think one side has already started to burst through the layer of gum it sits under. I can barely open my mouth to brush my teeth. Eating a small and simple bowl of oatmeal took me about 20 minutes. The worst part of it all, my dentist since birth recently sold his practice so now I have to find someone new. But the day must go on so I get dressed and head to work! 

It is the first day of the week so it is basically ritualist. Leave the house at 9:30am, make a pitstop at Teixeira’s Bakery and off to Jersey City. (A crime show called “Seven Seconds” was recently released on Netflix based out of Jersey City.  I can’t wait to watch it. Hopefully its good.) I parked my car around 10:30 and took short cold walk to my favorite coffee truck, Mod Cup. The way they make their coffee is phenomenal. Always fresh, brewed daily. Coffee beans from everywhere and flavors that will just ‘wow’ you. It is definitely the best way to start any day! 

Got off of work around 3:30pm. On my way home, I make a pitstop with a friend at 99 Ranch where all the Asian goodies are. We pick up a few things and stop at the delicious Coco Fresh Tea & Juice. Since I have not eaten since breakfast because of the pain, I figured drinking a juice would be better than nothing. I get a mongo yakult with aloe chucks but I also pick up green tea sponge cake so I can chew on something soft and fill my stomach a bit. Making this stop might have been a huge mistake! 

Officially on the road home, hungry with achy teeth, I sit in traffic for 30 minutes before leaving the city. It was at such a standstill that I had enough time to open my cake, break pieces and slowly eat them. Then I had to wait another 45 minutes when I actually made it onto the highway. A trip that usually takes me 40 minutes for some reason lasted way longer than normal. It was baffling. Either way I made it home safe! 

The day is not over yet. Finally, home at 5:30 with an hour to jot things down, shower and get dressed. The office I work out of is having our weekly ‘Business & Money Seminar’. This is when we train on products, build rapport with each other, meet new people, and typically have guest down for a free education. It only last about an hour and a half but I stick around after to chit chat. It is always good to see where some else’s head is. 

Once again, I make it home safe. I say my hellos, talk my love, and begin to bring my daily notes back to life here on this page. To end the night, I will log into Twitch to show my best friend’s channel support but that won’t be all. Tonight, around 11:30pm –ish, I will play a bigger part. Tonight, I will be a part of the stream and show off my mediocre gaming skills to all who will watch. Time to prepare for my big debut. So, until next time…GOOD NIGHT! 


No dinner… 

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