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“If you really want to make a friend, go to someone’s house and eat with him… the people who give you their food give you their heart.” – Cesar Chavez


March 28, 2018 

Getting home late always has its downfalls. It is hard to wake up in the morning. I have to move my car in the blistering cold. The sun is bright. But since I am up early it is time to set up my nephews play pin for his morning nap.  

An hour after digesting his bottle he fell asleep. I was extremely tired myself and decided to take a nap with him. We woke up at 12pm wondering where the time went but feeling really good from resting. It was time for another bottle and a lot of playing. He has an activity play mat that we do not use because it is Winter and the floors get cold. Instead I put it in his play pin for him to use. He loves it! 

I noticed my nephew was energized making his nap time short. I believe he closed his eyes for about 30 minutes before waking up. At this point I leave him playing alone. I was hungry with an idea of a new recipe for some chicken breast that were in the fridge from last night. Making and trying new foods excites me. My recipe for today was: 

Two thinly sliced chicken breast covered in white flour mixed with chili powered, nut meg,  garlic, and black pepper. Dipped into two beaten eggs. Then covered it in crumbled Spicey Sweet Chili Doritos. 

Two things that I learned: 

  1. Too much flour and not enough spices. 
  2. The Doritos are great as a crust! 

I will definitely try it again with buttermilk for extra flavor and crisp. 

I did try to make a side for the chicken but it was a miserable fail. I like making fried rice with vegetables. I thought it would be perfect to go with the chicken so I set a pot for it and started the process. Then I forgot it and it burnt. Oops. Thankfully the chicken tasted good by itself. 

Mail Time! 

On Saturday I order pamphlets from my company to distribute when I go on appointments. It is always good to leave something behind for the client to read. It was exciting to receive the package more than the pamphlets. Isn’t it funny how people get excited for packages no matter what it is. It could be paper in a box but we still want to open it. 

Around 6pm my mother comes from work to watch the baby. I had some chores to do but since the baby did not sleep, except for his cat nap, nothing got done. After cleaning up a bit I wanted to game. Watching other people play on Twitch is as close to gaming as I have gotten. I jumped on Fortnite and was even lucky enough to play with my best friend from Texas. It is hard for us to communicate these days but when we do it feels great. 

No more playing, dinner time! 

It is Wednesday which means my girlfriend gets out of work late. She came over with pizza which was not supposed to be my dinner. My father had bought Spanish food from a place we always eat at; rice, beans, pernil. There were also sweet plantains that could not go to waste. So, I did what any other person would do and mixed them together. I had a pepperoni slice with pernil and sweet plantains on top. Oddly it tasted great! 

The rest of the night we watched a Netflix movie called “Benji“. It is based off of several older films dating back to 1974 and was such a great movie. 

(photos found on Goolge images)

Millionaire Model!

Back in 2016 I read an article from a guest writer on the Entrepreneur website. Chris W. Dunn, Founder and CEO of Skill Incubator, wrote simple tips on how to obtain a millionaire status through will power and change. Being almost two years ago I had forgotten about this article until I scrolled through my bookmark folder named Success.

In this folder I have saved many articles related to personal growth, building people and becoming successful. After re-reading and realizing the potential of this article I had the need to share it. There is a lot of great information written but I will just leave you with the highlights to spark your interest. I highly recommend you read the full article to get a full appreciation of the authors thoughts.

Here are the “10 Ways You Can Model the Success of Millionaires

  1. Hard work trumps talent.
  2. Become motivated by passion.
  3. Diversify income streams.
  4. Never stop learning.
  5. Invest resources in successful people.
  6. Find a mentor.
  7. Model physical and psychological traits.
  8. Create clear goals.
  9. Reclaim ownership of your time.
  10. Learn to accept failure and persevere.





Morning Madness! 

March 27, 2018 

This morning I had a really messed up dream. I was in a fight with a friend but it was more than a fight. I was extremely violent and spiteful. The complete opposite of who I truly am. It woke me up right out of a good sleep not letting me close my eyes for the rest of the morning.  

Being up at 6:45 in the morning had me exhausted. Of all a sudden while lying in bed I hear shouting. Water leak! My sister’s bathroom sink was overflowing into ours with a wild force filling up it up in seconds. Water was all over the bathroom floor, leaking out into the hall and through the cracks straight to the basement. 

What a morning! 

Being tired I was not looking forward to going to work but today was going to short so I pushed. We have a lunch catering for a Japanese banking company down the street from where we usually are. It took us about 25 minutes to ride the elevator up to the fifth floor and set the table. Very easy. 

Since I left early getting home was a breeze. I walked through the door around 1:45pm ready to shower and relax before my appointment. Relaxing did not happen. My father was hungry and in pain so I offered to go out and get him something to eat. Good thing he wanted something easy and quick. There is a corner store about 5 minutes away by car that we used to go to all the time. It has been a while since we have been there so I picked him up a sandwich that he likes. The guys who run the store are awesome. Even after all this time they still remembered me!  

Back home about 20 minutes later with about a half and hour to get ready. I ironed my clothes and did my hair making sure I look presentable. Unfortunately I had to cancel the appointment. My mentor got tied up with other business and could not make it. Disappointing but things happen for a reason. 

With this morning’s water overflow my father had been working on the plumbing trying to find the source of the problem. He could not do much by himself but since I had a lot of free time we worked on it together. For at least four hours we tried just about everything to figure out what was clogging the sink’s pipes. The one pipe we need to get into is shut so tight that nothing we did broke the nut’s seal. We banged it, tried a heat treatment, multiple lubricants, and angry brute force. Needless to say, we had to call it quits. 

After working so intensely on the pipes I needed a change of scenery. I went over to my girlfriend house around 8:15pm to spend some time with her. I had a a wonderful dinner consisting of white rice and a form of stewed chicken. Yum!  

The rest of the night we slept. 



March 26, 2018

Wow. My Mondays really are the same every week. 

I woke early today wishing Winter would go away and let Spring come to play. I had to move my car at 7am in 20-degree weather. I ran back inside and turned my radiator heater on high. Simultaneously jumping back in bed until I got warm.

After crawling out of bed and getting dressed for work I walked over to the kitchen for breakfast. I had a quick bowl of Frosted Flakes cereal with a piece of cheese flavored cake. (it tastes like regular pound cake)

Work starts at 10:30 and since it is Monday I have a routine to follow. Teixeira’s Bakery here I come. There was no order placed for pick up today so I had to wait in line like everyone else. The scary good part of going to the bakery today was the fact that no one was there. I have been going to that bakery for a little over 2 years now and I have never been the only customer in line. I could not believe what I had witnessed. Just like every other Monday before I picked up hoagie rolls, custard cups and cappuccinos.

Work was a breeze today. For two reasons to be exact,

  1. It was a smooth service 
  2. It was super windy (or breezy)

The wind was so strong that it almost tipped me over. This kept people inside and away from us. Making service basically non-existent and simple.

We cleaned up and was on the road by 3:15pm. My coworker has a dinner shift tonight so we stop at 99 Ranch for a few things. Of course when I walk in there, bags of snacks come out with me. In the bags were hazelnut wafers, mango Hi-Chew, a big chocolate chip and M&M cookie, and a pudding milk tea from CoCo Fresh. My next couple of days are going to be great! 

I got home at 4:45pm. I showered up and got dressed because it is Monday training night. We actually had a guest speaker come in. A gentleman from AIG who is a great friend of our office. He broke down an annuity program that people over the age of 50 can take advantage of to prepare for retirement. It sounds like a great product for me to study up on and learn. Definitely a great training! 

(photos found on Google images)