It is a Sunday morning and I wake up great!

February 25, 2018 

I slept in today. Not to long but until 9am. I head to the bathroom, shave my face, use the toilet, and jump in the shower. I also forgot to brush my teeth since I was distracted with my shave but ended up remembering later on. In my room I stood in my briefs with a wet head staring at the pants that are hung up on the laundry pole. I have to dress nice for lunch. We had a nice sized luncheon with family; my aunt with her kids, their kids, grandmother, uncle, cousins, my mother, sister, nephew. We basically took up the entire back wall of the Lynhurst Diner. As I stood there I ran throw the shirts I would like wear through my head. I needed something warm, its winter, but dress casual. Bingo! Thought of the simplest, most casual outfit. Light grey pants, black long sleeve shirt, and my favorite wing tipped boots from Perry Ellis. I quickly ironed everything out, threw them on, did my hair and shot out the door. Its’s noon and I am ready to eat! 

Lunch was great. To my surprise we were not just there to eat but to celebrate a birthday. My wonderful aunts. Now I will be honest, I am super bad with birthdays. Sometimes I forget my own. Pretty bad to admit but ‘it is what it is’. Either way I had a great time, family bonding was successful, and everyone was happy. So happy that we kept it going. The party shifted from the diner to grandma’s house.  

I got to grandma’s house 20 minutes later. It is about 3:20pm now. No longer than 15 minutes of us settling in, grandma starts to make dinner. Dinner! As if we did not just eat. Got to love her for caring. While dinner is cooking, my cousin shows up with an amazing cake. It is 90% ice cream with the center being white cake. This cake had to have been the best I had ever tasted from Calandra’s Bakery 

The rest of the night went to business development. I personally love the idea of developing the mind. I recently started reading more books, magazines, and online articles about entrepreneurship, mind development and money. To me these three topics are worth mastering and basing my daily life on. To help, I met with my mentor and associates around 6:15pm at Panera Bread. We talked about building and expanding our business. Had some inspiring conversations and got pumped for the future! 


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