Great day, after noon!

February 24, 2018

Man did I wake up with a hangover. Not a serious ‘I blacked out’ hangover but the ‘man I’m still woozy’ kind. On top of that it is early. 645 in the morning early. I slept about six hours before my alarm went off and I think for two of those hours I was still awake. It’s crazy how people deal with this once or more a week because one night out a month is more than I can handle. (I am a light weight.)

Anyway, it is time for my Saturday morning ritual. Wake up early, brush my teeth, get dressed, do my hair and head to the office for some personal development. The best way to become successful is to develop the mind. Of course, before I make it to the office there needs to be a coffee stop. I usually stop anyway since Dunkin Donuts is along the way, but today it was especially needed. Some say coffee helps the head stop spinning and others disagree but for me it works pretty well. When I arrive to the office I sit in the parking lot for 10 minutes sipping my vanilla latte, probably should have had a regular coffee, and then make my way to the inside. Right on time 8am!

Thankfully the hangover has gone from an 8 to a 3 but the hunger kicks in. I head home with my stomach ready to devour itself, expecting to have a pretty decent lunch. Unfortunately, I did not have the patience to cook so two bowls of cereal hit the spot.

It’s about noon now and my nephew is here to play. He is the cutest little thing and everywhere we go the ladies just flock toward him. It’s as if I do not even exist; no hello, how are you, who’s baby. I think he even stole my girlfriend from me too. But to be fair, he is 4 months, has a wonderful smile, and is adorable so I can’t hate.

Now the fun begins! (For me at least)

I recently mentioned supporting my best friends’ his Twitch channel and how I am on a mission to help him grow his following and get more people engaged. Well, I have been taking it serious. I spend about 2 hours from 1 – 3pm designing some button links for his channel. (ImaginKnights! – Check it out some time) I used a free online and Android app called Fotor to create them. Very simple and easy to use. The buttons are not on the level of professional but they will serve the purpose for now. Once I finished them up we start video chatting. I needed to teach him how to upload and post the links himself in case I can’t be there to change or add things. I felt great helping out!

I was definitely in creative mode. I figured I should keep the mojo going and went onto WordPress. I looked at every theme the website had to offer. I probably tried every one that said free. After many yes and nos I finally picked one. Frankly to many options but people like that. I’m still not sure how long it will last but it should work out. A lot more to do but for now I will head to bed early. Good Night!


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