So, today’s the day. The day I decide to start an online journal.

February 22, 2018

I woke up early today, around 8, to an empty home thinking I had to work. Not too early for most but dreadful for me. Unfortunately, it turned out to be a rainy day so I was given the choice to go to work or stay home. Secretly I didn’t even want to get up this morning but I decided going to work would be good for me but then I laid down and said “this is comfortable” so I stayed in.

To my surprise, I could not sleep. This was definitely upsetting because I was desperately in need for at least an extra of hour of Zs. I even forced myself to try until I became agitated enough to get up. I just laid there on my phone browsing through the open world of crappy media. By now it is a bit past 9 and I get up because of hunger.

At this point I’m awake, not wanting to be, so I decided to be productive with my time or at least try to. So first things first, I get up to turn on my computer screen, throw on YouTube, grab a bowl of cereal and enjoy some breakfast. Great productive start!

After about five videos and two bowls of cereal I decide to make a list of things that need to be done. For example, study, wash clothes, clean, work on my car, etc. Washing clothes takes about an hour each cycle so I start with that. But, only the clothes that need to be hung up first because we have an electrical issue that prevents us from drying at the same time. Weirdly whenever the washer and dryer get going together half of the house shut down. It might have been the extension cord that burnt out, it was replaced, but we won’t be taking any chances. While the clothes wash I go online to look at some material I need to learn. Notice the “look at” part. I woke up in a funk today so I could not focus on studying. Bummer.

Right about now it is roughly 1:30pm and I have washed 3 loads of clothes; colored, business attire, and whites. I am beat, still tired from this morning, and now hungry. So, it is time to cook. I think cooking is relaxing. It takes the mind off of whatever is clouding it and draws attention to one point. For my distraction I decide to cook a can of tuna fish. Nothing fancy just half of an onion caramelized with some sweet peppers, black pepper and sazon. Then mixed together and poured on top of some leftover white rice. Great lunch!

Around 2:30, basically after I ate, I took a nap. I could not fight my sleep any more. The food hit me so hard in the stomach that I was out for 2 hours. Since I napped I never finished my list of “to dos”. Yes, I had plenty of time but I decided to step out instead. I realized I was in more of funk when I got up from my nap then when I woke up this morning so I had to get out the house for a bit. I had to change my mood!

By the time I was dressed and ready to leave it was 7:15pm. I was distracted with an episode of ‘Criminal Minds’ and my nephew. I should have headed to my girlfriend’s house a lot sooner. She had gotten home from work and the gym. If anyone can make me feel 100x better than what I was, it was definitely her. She brightens my day without even trying to. We don’t even have to go anywhere or do anything to have a good time. Dinner and TV on the couch is all that was needed. Might have just needed some companionship. Not only that but the pleasure of transferring over 1000 pictures and videos form her outdated laptop to a hard drive I bought. To make it even more interested, a 1000+ pictures and videos from her iPhone. Boy was that fun! But to end our night, she laid on my chest and peacefully fell asleep until I had to go.

On the drive home, I felt great. It was around 11:45pm and no cars on the highway. Nothing to worry about now but getting on Twitch to see one of my best friends stream his game play. Support was what he needed and I was determined to provide it. Now throughout the night I would check in on his channel. Not fully watch it but keep tuned in every 10 – 15 minutes or so. When I got home I was fully engaged. I had the chat room on fire. Making comments on the game and telling people to support his efforts in becoming a big hit. Sadly to say out of all the viewers me and one other person, maybe two, were the only chatters. I hopped for more committed guest but it was a rough crowd. On the bright side I got a lot of shout outs!


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