I woke up to write today’s post!

February 23, 2018

Today I got up around 7:30am to move my car and peacefully went back to sleep till about 10:30. I am writing for yesterday so it’s a bit weird but I like being able to share my entire day from morning to night so I don’t mind. I also wrote about what made me start an online journal which is a separate post on its own. It took me a few hours to get my day into words but it’s refreshing to get it out of my head. I did not even notice how much time went by. When I did realize what time is was the clock said 1pm. So far writing is great!

Since I worked up an appetite, I decided to make myself some brunch. I have no desire for certain foods so out of the blue I decided to make stuffed French toast. I have never done it before but I knew I could handle it. For my filling I decided to go with peanut butter and jelly. I’ve seen it done before and wanted to try it. I have never done it before because I am not a big fan of French toast. It’s the eggs that I do not agree with. In short, I am not an egg fan. (It’s a strange thing to say but I have meant 1 or 2 other people like me.) Since PB&J was going to be my filling I said “Why not got for. It should taste good – in theory.” During my journey with this new dish I had to freshen up my memory on the egg wash ingredients. Pretty basic stuff; milk, eggs, cinnamon, vanilla extract. From there super easy and quick. I even made a side of French toast sticks to dip into the left over filling and it came out better than expected. It was pretty tasty!

After such a delicious meal I decided to sit back and relax a bit. I’m a gamer. Not a very enthusiastic one but it is a form of therapy for me as long as I don’t get upset. I know, how can something be therapeutic and upset you? The trick is to call it quits when that point arrives. The games I usually play don’t get me to that point. I have a variety of options to play so I ended up playing Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Wildlands. Not doing anything important like missions, because those are best done with my other best friend, but basically just go around and collect stuff. That is until 5pm rolls around and my nephew gets home!

In the middle of playing with my 4-month-old nephew, I had to get ready for bar night. It had been a while since I have seen my best amigo so we hit up one of our favorite bars, The Rock. It’s a small place with good drinks, good food, a jukebox, and most importantly a pool table. We ate Thai Chilly wings with fries, had a lot to drink, and for the first time skipped out on pool. (Due note, not because we wanted to but because the pool table was being blocked by wine-and-painters.) Not to worry because the female bartender completely pwned my buddy with a confused loud “What!?” for asking her not to pour to much beer in his cup after asking her for a refill. So, either way it was a good night!

Uber is the best bar mate!


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