It is a Sunday morning and I wake up great!

February 25, 2018 

I slept in today. Not to long but until 9am. I head to the bathroom, shave my face, use the toilet, and jump in the shower. I also forgot to brush my teeth since I was distracted with my shave but ended up remembering later on. In my room I stood in my briefs with a wet head staring at the pants that are hung up on the laundry pole. I have to dress nice for lunch. We had a nice sized luncheon with family; my aunt with her kids, their kids, grandmother, uncle, cousins, my mother, sister, nephew. We basically took up the entire back wall of the Lynhurst Diner. As I stood there I ran throw the shirts I would like wear through my head. I needed something warm, its winter, but dress casual. Bingo! Thought of the simplest, most casual outfit. Light grey pants, black long sleeve shirt, and my favorite wing tipped boots from Perry Ellis. I quickly ironed everything out, threw them on, did my hair and shot out the door. Its’s noon and I am ready to eat! 

Lunch was great. To my surprise we were not just there to eat but to celebrate a birthday. My wonderful aunts. Now I will be honest, I am super bad with birthdays. Sometimes I forget my own. Pretty bad to admit but ‘it is what it is’. Either way I had a great time, family bonding was successful, and everyone was happy. So happy that we kept it going. The party shifted from the diner to grandma’s house.  

I got to grandma’s house 20 minutes later. It is about 3:20pm now. No longer than 15 minutes of us settling in, grandma starts to make dinner. Dinner! As if we did not just eat. Got to love her for caring. While dinner is cooking, my cousin shows up with an amazing cake. It is 90% ice cream with the center being white cake. This cake had to have been the best I had ever tasted from Calandra’s Bakery 

The rest of the night went to business development. I personally love the idea of developing the mind. I recently started reading more books, magazines, and online articles about entrepreneurship, mind development and money. To me these three topics are worth mastering and basing my daily life on. To help, I met with my mentor and associates around 6:15pm at Panera Bread. We talked about building and expanding our business. Had some inspiring conversations and got pumped for the future! 

Why I began…

I realized I never mentioned why I decided to start an online journal.

Well it began with Netflix. There is a show called ‘The Mortified Guide’. It is funny, inspirational, and interesting. I was introduced to the show by a good friend and thought about how it might make me feel better to possibly start a journal of my own. I never had a journal or saw the need for one because I was either a closed book or a diary for others. I am a secretive person. If you tell me not to say anything then I won’t. I’m so good that sometimes seconds after telling me something private I will forget it so I don’t let it slip. Maybe it is because I’m a guy but I like to call it a safety precaution.

The other thing that got me started was Google’s Blogger. I use to have a blog that I would post random thing on. The title of that blog is literally called RandomnessFirst. I know, very creative. I never actually took it seriously but it was a way to keep me busy so I enjoyed it. Not only that, I could customize it the way I thought it would look cool and get a lot of readers. The blog is not very big (roughly 36 post), it did not go worldwide with success, and the content is probably not good but it served its purpose. As far as the content on the blog, it goes from PC parts and builds to me gaming. I tried to incorporate conspiracy into it but after reading what I had, I decided to take them down. It was kind of strange for what I had envisioned even though I never actually had a vision.

My feelings are a big part. Strangely I am a bit lost in my little world. I am like many others out there confused as to what my purpose is on this planet. I am in my mid 20s but feel like a 40-year-old without direction. I have had and currently have many opportunities but cannot seem to grasp onto them. It is as if the drive and motivation have left my body. Similar to when the alien minions in ‘Space Jam‘ steal the talents of NBAs finest players. I know what I need to do but I have the hand of fear holding me down. Fear to fail, let down my loved ones, and myself. I am certain that many other feel the same so I decided to write about my days as a way to push through it. Writing might even be a distraction to my day but I believe it has great potential to help me keep moving.

So, I will write when I can.

Great day, after noon!

February 24, 2018

Man did I wake up with a hangover. Not a serious ‘I blacked out’ hangover but the ‘man I’m still woozy’ kind. On top of that it is early. 645 in the morning early. I slept about six hours before my alarm went off and I think for two of those hours I was still awake. It’s crazy how people deal with this once or more a week because one night out a month is more than I can handle. (I am a light weight.)

Anyway, it is time for my Saturday morning ritual. Wake up early, brush my teeth, get dressed, do my hair and head to the office for some personal development. The best way to become successful is to develop the mind. Of course, before I make it to the office there needs to be a coffee stop. I usually stop anyway since Dunkin Donuts is along the way, but today it was especially needed. Some say coffee helps the head stop spinning and others disagree but for me it works pretty well. When I arrive to the office I sit in the parking lot for 10 minutes sipping my vanilla latte, probably should have had a regular coffee, and then make my way to the inside. Right on time 8am!

Thankfully the hangover has gone from an 8 to a 3 but the hunger kicks in. I head home with my stomach ready to devour itself, expecting to have a pretty decent lunch. Unfortunately, I did not have the patience to cook so two bowls of cereal hit the spot.

It’s about noon now and my nephew is here to play. He is the cutest little thing and everywhere we go the ladies just flock toward him. It’s as if I do not even exist; no hello, how are you, who’s baby. I think he even stole my girlfriend from me too. But to be fair, he is 4 months, has a wonderful smile, and is adorable so I can’t hate.

Now the fun begins! (For me at least)

I recently mentioned supporting my best friends’ his Twitch channel and how I am on a mission to help him grow his following and get more people engaged. Well, I have been taking it serious. I spend about 2 hours from 1 – 3pm designing some button links for his channel. (ImaginKnights! – Check it out some time) I used a free online and Android app called Fotor to create them. Very simple and easy to use. The buttons are not on the level of professional but they will serve the purpose for now. Once I finished them up we start video chatting. I needed to teach him how to upload and post the links himself in case I can’t be there to change or add things. I felt great helping out!

I was definitely in creative mode. I figured I should keep the mojo going and went onto WordPress. I looked at every theme the website had to offer. I probably tried every one that said free. After many yes and nos I finally picked one. Frankly to many options but people like that. I’m still not sure how long it will last but it should work out. A lot more to do but for now I will head to bed early. Good Night!

I woke up to write today’s post!

February 23, 2018

Today I got up around 7:30am to move my car and peacefully went back to sleep till about 10:30. I am writing for yesterday so it’s a bit weird but I like being able to share my entire day from morning to night so I don’t mind. I also wrote about what made me start an online journal which is a separate post on its own. It took me a few hours to get my day into words but it’s refreshing to get it out of my head. I did not even notice how much time went by. When I did realize what time is was the clock said 1pm. So far writing is great!

Since I worked up an appetite, I decided to make myself some brunch. I have no desire for certain foods so out of the blue I decided to make stuffed French toast. I have never done it before but I knew I could handle it. For my filling I decided to go with peanut butter and jelly. I’ve seen it done before and wanted to try it. I have never done it before because I am not a big fan of French toast. It’s the eggs that I do not agree with. In short, I am not an egg fan. (It’s a strange thing to say but I have meant 1 or 2 other people like me.) Since PB&J was going to be my filling I said “Why not got for. It should taste good – in theory.” During my journey with this new dish I had to freshen up my memory on the egg wash ingredients. Pretty basic stuff; milk, eggs, cinnamon, vanilla extract. From there super easy and quick. I even made a side of French toast sticks to dip into the left over filling and it came out better than expected. It was pretty tasty!

After such a delicious meal I decided to sit back and relax a bit. I’m a gamer. Not a very enthusiastic one but it is a form of therapy for me as long as I don’t get upset. I know, how can something be therapeutic and upset you? The trick is to call it quits when that point arrives. The games I usually play don’t get me to that point. I have a variety of options to play so I ended up playing Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Wildlands. Not doing anything important like missions, because those are best done with my other best friend, but basically just go around and collect stuff. That is until 5pm rolls around and my nephew gets home!

In the middle of playing with my 4-month-old nephew, I had to get ready for bar night. It had been a while since I have seen my best amigo so we hit up one of our favorite bars, The Rock. It’s a small place with good drinks, good food, a jukebox, and most importantly a pool table. We ate Thai Chilly wings with fries, had a lot to drink, and for the first time skipped out on pool. (Due note, not because we wanted to but because the pool table was being blocked by wine-and-painters.) Not to worry because the female bartender completely pwned my buddy with a confused loud “What!?” for asking her not to pour to much beer in his cup after asking her for a refill. So, either way it was a good night!

Uber is the best bar mate!

So, today’s the day. The day I decide to start an online journal.

February 22, 2018

I woke up early today, around 8, to an empty home thinking I had to work. Not too early for most but dreadful for me. Unfortunately, it turned out to be a rainy day so I was given the choice to go to work or stay home. Secretly I didn’t even want to get up this morning but I decided going to work would be good for me but then I laid down and said “this is comfortable” so I stayed in.

To my surprise, I could not sleep. This was definitely upsetting because I was desperately in need for at least an extra of hour of Zs. I even forced myself to try until I became agitated enough to get up. I just laid there on my phone browsing through the open world of crappy media. By now it is a bit past 9 and I get up because of hunger.

At this point I’m awake, not wanting to be, so I decided to be productive with my time or at least try to. So first things first, I get up to turn on my computer screen, throw on YouTube, grab a bowl of cereal and enjoy some breakfast. Great productive start!

After about five videos and two bowls of cereal I decide to make a list of things that need to be done. For example, study, wash clothes, clean, work on my car, etc. Washing clothes takes about an hour each cycle so I start with that. But, only the clothes that need to be hung up first because we have an electrical issue that prevents us from drying at the same time. Weirdly whenever the washer and dryer get going together half of the house shut down. It might have been the extension cord that burnt out, it was replaced, but we won’t be taking any chances. While the clothes wash I go online to look at some material I need to learn. Notice the “look at” part. I woke up in a funk today so I could not focus on studying. Bummer.

Right about now it is roughly 1:30pm and I have washed 3 loads of clothes; colored, business attire, and whites. I am beat, still tired from this morning, and now hungry. So, it is time to cook. I think cooking is relaxing. It takes the mind off of whatever is clouding it and draws attention to one point. For my distraction I decide to cook a can of tuna fish. Nothing fancy just half of an onion caramelized with some sweet peppers, black pepper and sazon. Then mixed together and poured on top of some leftover white rice. Great lunch!

Around 2:30, basically after I ate, I took a nap. I could not fight my sleep any more. The food hit me so hard in the stomach that I was out for 2 hours. Since I napped I never finished my list of “to dos”. Yes, I had plenty of time but I decided to step out instead. I realized I was in more of funk when I got up from my nap then when I woke up this morning so I had to get out the house for a bit. I had to change my mood!

By the time I was dressed and ready to leave it was 7:15pm. I was distracted with an episode of ‘Criminal Minds’ and my nephew. I should have headed to my girlfriend’s house a lot sooner. She had gotten home from work and the gym. If anyone can make me feel 100x better than what I was, it was definitely her. She brightens my day without even trying to. We don’t even have to go anywhere or do anything to have a good time. Dinner and TV on the couch is all that was needed. Might have just needed some companionship. Not only that but the pleasure of transferring over 1000 pictures and videos form her outdated laptop to a hard drive I bought. To make it even more interested, a 1000+ pictures and videos from her iPhone. Boy was that fun! But to end our night, she laid on my chest and peacefully fell asleep until I had to go.

On the drive home, I felt great. It was around 11:45pm and no cars on the highway. Nothing to worry about now but getting on Twitch to see one of my best friends stream his game play. Support was what he needed and I was determined to provide it. Now throughout the night I would check in on his channel. Not fully watch it but keep tuned in every 10 – 15 minutes or so. When I got home I was fully engaged. I had the chat room on fire. Making comments on the game and telling people to support his efforts in becoming a big hit. Sadly to say out of all the viewers me and one other person, maybe two, were the only chatters. I hopped for more committed guest but it was a rough crowd. On the bright side I got a lot of shout outs!